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Absolute Taekwon-do Association 
Sutton Coldfield & Erdington. 07773376633
Founder Member of:
Sutton Grammer School for Girls
6.30 - 7.30 beginners
7.30-8.30 advance and Seniors

6.30 - 7.30 beginners
7.30-8.30 advance and Seniors

March to May 2018


Simply Answer Fight Flight or Evade ?
One to One or Small Group
Conflict Resolution & Self Defence Training.
With the training you will be naturaly react to  answer the question above, to Run (if possible), to Evade( if need be) or Fight [If no Choice]

As you can read from the website, i have concentrated on TKD in depth and for at least 27 + years and with a total of 37 years as of 2017 in Martial arts.
Now its about the value i can provide you, TaeKwon-Do is not just about kicking and punching but its also about the way you do so and the self defence contained as a whole.
The sport side is the sport side and real life self defence is a whole lot more interesting.

One to One  - Small Groups - Corporate - Staff Training - Team Building - Schools - Police - Fire - Ambulance - Hospital Staff -  Vulnerable Adults - Community - Childrens Homes

The reasons you need this training !!
Well if your reading this then you already have the reasons.
Yes i do teach the same way as i come across, direct and no nonsense yet fun and enjoyable.

However if you want more reasons then by all means read below.

1: Dont be one of those people that ask "why Me"
2: Dont be one of those people that then think "If only i had done this or that"
3: "I wish i had actualy joined or got trained when i thought about it"
4: Get Fitter
5: Get Stronger
6: Get Flexable
7: Gain Confidence
8: Be able to react in a better Manner to confrontation
9: Be Safer
10: Better able to protect those that need it
11: Dont be a Victim
12: Dont be a Target
13: Be the best you can be

I also give my time for free to charities, also to  community projects.
If you work with the Boy scouts, Cadets, Girl Guides, Womens Refuge, Vulnerable Adults, Childrens Homes or Education Authority Schools and the such then contact me and lets see what we can do.
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