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Absolute Taekwon-do Association 
Sutton Coldfield & Erdington. 07773376633
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January 2020

Below is a brief overview of what you can expect to learn and will be taught at the classes.
You will always get out what you put in to your training and dedication.
Our school motto is "Quitters Never win - Winners Never Quit"

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  1. Health and fitmess class,image from a seminar held for Taekwondo martial arts student from sutton coldfield, kingstanding, new oscott, birmingham
    To Get Fitter
    By Uttilising varying Martial art exercises you will become leaner, toned, stronger and majorly improve your cardiovascular Function and recovery time.
  2. Image of a young female student mid practice of a taekwondo movement, the student trains a martial art class in sutton coldfield
    To Gain Confidence
    Young or old, it does not matter as learning a Martial art is going to make ore more confident in how we carry ourselves and communicate with others, so a fundamental start to been a more confident you. Giving improved school grades and improved success in work and life.
  3. To Learn Self Defence The Martial Art Or Way
    To Learn Self Defence The Martial Art Or Way
    Self defence is not just how to block, kick or punch. It includes how confident you are or become, how you carry yourself, defusion of the situation before it becomes agressive.
  4. Image of the TKD martial arts instructor making a front high section kick uttilising the ball of foot at head hight.
    Combative Techniques
    If the situation arrises then you may need to uttilise your Taekwon-do Martial art to defend yourself by way of blocking, or maybe retliation strikes. Your going to be taught how to react and ultimately end the conflict swiftly and effectivly as nescesary, at the same time we do not turn you into an agressive person, we actualy encourage self control so you are restrained but unafraid. Stopping everything from bullying or victimisation, we can work with the education authority schools to assist this aim also.
  5. Students of Master John McNally practice thier movements in the Martial arts class held for Sutton coldfield, erdington and kingstanding students.
    It is proven that Martial arts classes massively improve co-ordination, stamina and power. The self-defence containing Tuls help you to learn combative self-defence sequences that you can only learn through repetition, laid out in sequences that teach you muscle reactive memory and so much more. This helps you to react naturally to the situation rather than having to think first which slows you down.
  6. Flexability
    If you already have flexability then we will help you keep it especially if from that young age. Gain flexability to keep your joints suple and help keep ageing effects at bay.
  7. Image of the tenets of Tkd matial arts.
    The Tkd Tenets
    True Martial art practice comes from within the student and thier full understanding of what they are learning, so whether you have to Run or fight (fight or flight responce) then you learn the values that help guide you and these are called the Tentets of Taekwon-do Courtesy (Ye Ui) Integrity (Yom Chi) Perseverance (In Nae) Self-Control (Guk Gi) Indomitable Spirit (Baekjul Boolgul)
  8. To Make Friends and Have Fun
    To Make Friends and Have Fun
    Lerning is far from boring here as there is allways something going on, whether meeting or competitions. But also seminars and technical sessions. Outings and parties.
  9. taekwondo tkd student oath
    The Student Oath
    To Help You Be The Best You Can Be
  10. To Grow Your Friends and Support Network
    To Grow Your Friends and Support Network
    Not only will you be better defended but you will also make life long friends, that will be there for you at class and outside of said if you wish. We do social events such as christmas meals and summer park events and so much more.